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Action items to improve equity, inclusion, and justice within our community & organization.

1 - Educate ourselves

Action Item: With a goal of challenging biases, unlearning racist thoughts and behaviors, and working towards inclusivity within our community and food system - annually engage with and discuss a relevant multimedia piece by a BIPOC author/producer.
2 - Foster Inclusive Community Engagement

Action Item: Prioritize outreach and interaction with diverse community organizations, including those representing BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, differently-abled individuals, and other underserved communities, when planning for future projects to allow for a richer understanding of unique perspectives, needs, and preferences.
3 - Diversify Leadership

Action Item: Cultivate relationships with diverse and under-served communities to seek candidates who not only possess distinctive skill sets that match our organization's needs but also bring unique experiences and varied perspectives to our team. 
4 - Maintain Distribution of Food to Families in Need

Action Item: Continue working closely with Sierra Community House to increase food security, nutritional equality, and community access to local, sustainable and organic food.
5 - Acknowledge and Honor Indigenous Lands

Action Item: Initiate meaningful dialogue with Indigenous tribes to inquire about appropriate acknowledgement of the ancestral lands where we work - with an aim to foster heightened awareness and respect for those who came before us.
6 - Support other Food Justice Organizations

Action Item: Commit an annual donation or fulfill an ask of support to a variety of food justice organizations chosen annually by SFLT.   
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