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Action items to improve equity, inclusion, and justice within our community & organization.

1 - Educate ourselves.

Action Item: Read and discuss relevant literature by BIPOC authors to better educate ourselves and unlearn racist thoughts and behavior within our community and food system.
2 - Reach out to BIPOC communities when planning for future projects to gain perspective and preferences from under-served socioeconomic communities.

Action Item: Reach out to Sierra Community House when determining plans for the Gardens
3 - Seek to include a diverse range of perspectives and experiences within our board of directors.

Action Item: Cultivate relationships through Sierra Community House, the disabled community and other organizations who represent under-served communities to identify potential new BOD candidates.
4 - Maintain distribution of food to families in need.

Action Item: Continue working closely with Sierra Community house to increase food security, nutritional equality, and community access to local, sustainable and organic food.
5 - Acknowledge and credit the ancestral lands in which we work to the Indigenous tribes whom they belong to through signage and marketing materials.

Action Item: Pool a donation from SFLT to donate in exchange for permission and/or consultation to attribute the land we work to the tribe the land belongs to. 
6 - Commit an annual donation from SFLT to food justice organizations.

Action Item: $50/organization chosen is donated annually from SFLT 
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