If you have a business in Truckee and are looking for a community project for your employees, the Garden is the perfect opportunity! Our busy season is May through October and business partners can help with Community Dig-Ins, weekly maintenance, or by making monetary or in-kind contributions.


Crime Prevention Educational Programs

As part of community outreach, personnel can attend meetings with community groups to engage in dialogue to learn community concerns, and to provide assistance through information about our services and programs, including crime prevention tips and practices. With this interaction with community groups and associations, the Sheriff's Office connects with the community in a positive and productive manner to foster the ongoing partnership between law enforcement and the community, and encourage community engagement and problem solving. Programs are also available for Scouts, schools, and other groups.

Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch

The Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch Program encourages building relationships within the neighborhoods and business communities. This improves communication among the partners, and leads to a safer community. Neighborhoods and businesses benefit from increased networking, crime prevention tips, and information about criminal activity.

Residential, Commercial, and House of Worship Security Surveys

The Sheriff’s Office offers residents and businesses the opportunity to have a specially trained deputy or volunteer conduct a Residential or Commercial Security Survey, where we can make recommendations to improve physical security of the home or business. In addition to physical security surveys, Houses of Worship can benefit from help with additional emergency planning. For more information on this, please contact our Community Services section.

Community Assistance Volunteer (CAVs) Program

The CAV program uses volunteers to enhance the services provided by the Sheriff's Office to the community by improving efficiency and productivity. This program uses volunteers to handle assignments and events that do not require a trained, sworn deputy. Members of the CAV program wear a uniform that identifies them as volunteers for the Sheriff's Office. CAV volunteers are not sworn, are not armed, and do not have arrest powers.

Project Lifesaver

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office proudly participates in Project Lifesaver (PLS), which is an international organization that provides tracking systems for children and adults with intellectual disabilities such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, or Down Syndrome and/or who are prone to wandering off. Each person enrolled in Project Lifesaver wears a small transmitter, which transmits a signal on a set frequency. These frequencies can be tracked using special equipment that is located here at the Frederick County Sheriff's Office. Specially trained deputies and volunteers use the equipment to locate the missing person. The Sheriff’s Office PLS program is fully funded through private donations. For information about Project Lifesaver, contact Shawna Capotosto at 301-695-3676 or visit the PLS website at


Harvest Mondays

Help us harvest our beautiful bounty on a Monday morning from 8am-12pm! All produce grown in the garden is harvested and donated to Sierra Community House. We will spend the morning picking veggies and herbs that are ready to go, wash them, weigh and bundle them to deliver to Sierra Senior Services (across the street from the garden). Sign up below or click here for more info >>

Community Soup Night

Help us serve soup to the local community! Each shift is typically 1.5 hours and duties may include prepping food, serving soup and salad, dishwashing, bussing, and welcoming and directing guests throughout the event. It's a great way to get involved, support the local food movement and local business! Fall Series Soup Night dates are TBD. Stay tuned! Link: I want to volunteer for Community Soup Night! Sign up below or click here for more info >>

Skillshare Workshop

Showcase your food skills to the community! If you are looking for an opportunity to share your expertise with a group of like-minded individuals, we'd love to connect! Past Skillshares have included Canning 101, Make Your Own Bone Broth and Brew Your Own Beer. Sign up below to host a Skillshare workshop!

Workday Wednesdays

This is a great opportunity to come help in the garden during the week - 9am-1pm. There are countless projects to be completed this season, and a whole flourishing garden space to be maintained. Tasks include watering plants, planting new seedlings, pruning plants, cleaning the space and assisting the Garden Director with any ongoing projects. Sign up below or click here for more info >>

Community Garden

We are in need of people with a variety of talents to help with the NEW Comunity Garden space. Building the community garden is a big job. If you have time to lend and are interested in getting your hands dirty we'd love to have you. No experience necesary, learn as you go! Marketing expertise is needed to get the word out about the new space. We'd like to rent all the garden beds to interested community members who are ready to garden once construction is finished. If you are interested and have marketing expertise to lend we'd love to hear from you! Sign up below or click here for more info >>

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